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About me

I set up Kind Human following a twenty year career in finance,  governance,  leadership and mental health and wellbeing as a PwC Partner. I wanted to create an organisation that reflected my strengths - and my values

People who work with me would tell you that I quickly build trusted relationships - because I am empathetic, compassionate and authentic. They would also say I don't shy away from difficult conversations or providing challenge - but that I do this in a constructive and supportive way. I do it with kindness.

Kind Human is both a reflection of my deep passion for supporting others but also a reflection of who I want to work with: organisations, and individuals, that want to have a positive impact on the world. I want to work with organisations and individuals  that are compassionate, brave and innovative - delivering financial AND social value.

If you are an individual or organisation on a mission then please do get in touch as I would love to see how I can support you.

Anna Blackman

What people say about  me

"The support, resource and insight has been invaluable for us to launch, by the
end of this week, across 19 hospitals and next week we are launching across 26
care homes…...none of which would have been possible without Anna's leadership!"

  "I have lost count of how many people have fed back to me that they see Anna as a true role model. The way Anna conducts herself, bringing her whole self to work provides an incredible figurehead for the team. Personally, it's great to learn from Anna, how she juggles her time supporting clients and yet being visible and approachable to all our team. "

"Personally Anna has been instrumental in supporting both my development, well being and learning over the last couple of years.  She has guided me in difficult conversations in a manner no one else  has done.  She is authentic, compassionate and puts people and their values at the heart of decisions.  She is one of the most inspiring leaders and role models I have ever had."

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