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Your context

You have a great idea, product or tech product and you are building your business - and you’re doing an amazing job! But you’re not sure how to develop financial forecasts, value your business or perhaps you’re struggling with operational processes? Or you might be an established business needing support to scale or formalise your governance arrangements.


You may need to constitute your first Board or Audit Committee and need some advice related to corporate governance?


How I can help​

  • I can provide a range of finance and operational advice including:

    • financial forecasting

    • valuations

    • costing and budgeting

    • accounting and financial controls

    • operational systems and processes

    • due diligence

  • I can provide a range of advice and support to help you develop the corporate governance arrangements within your organisation including:

    • setting up and appointing a Board

    • assessing the effectiveness of your current Board

    • setting up an Audit Committee, appointing and liaising with auditors

    • risk management and internal controls

  • I can also provide advice in relation to specific industries in the UK - in particular healthcare and business services. 


Professional services

20 years experience providing risk, finance and governance advice as a Partner at PwC. Projects included:

  • Assessing and supporting over 40 different Boards and Audit Committees

  • Building and growing businesses including strategic planning, marketing, business development and leadership

  • Transformation of underperforming businesses 

  • Advising on 20+ healthcare transactions

  • Transforming the Internal Audit function of Capita plc



  • COO and Co-founder of FormScore which is a B2B people analytics business focused on wellbeing and engagement

  • Advisor to Naked Sprout which is a D2C business producing Britain’s Most Sustainable Tissue Products. Supported Naked Sprout with one of Seedrs most successful crowdfunds in 2022.

  • Co-founded a start-up during COVID-19 which set up a chain of 'Pop-up supermarkets' 


Non-Executive roles

  • Trustee of the InsideOut LeaderBoard

  • Chair of Audit Committee at UK Athletics

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