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People are my passion!

Supporting others is a core part of who I am - and why I created Kind Human. And I have been told it’s another one of my superpowers!
For me coaching is about helping people achieve their potential. It’s about giving them a space where they feel heard and allowing them to explore the challenges in their professional lives that might be holding them back. It’s about listening without judgement or an agenda.

If you think you or your team would benefit from some coaching, do get in touch with me.



I have coached a broad range of people including:

  • Non-Executive Chairs - focused on Board performance and composition and getting the best from the Board

  • Executive Directors - focused on transformation, managing stakeholders and career transitions

  • Senior Managers, Directors & Partners in professional services -focused on career development, career transition, complex stakeholder management as well managing mental health and wellbeing

  • Start up founders - focused on confidence building, story-telling and managing relationships.

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