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Embracing the Fear.......sharing Kind Human with the world

I was going to sit on this until after my Easter holiday but I have realised if I do that, I will probably continue to find reasons (also know as excuses 😬) not to put it out there in the world.

Because, if I am honest, it scares the pants off me. But I think I am at the point that, if I don’t do it now, I may never do it.

I have spent the past few months reflecting on what comes next. It’s been two years since I left PwC and it felt time like the right time to get focussed on ‘what’ I do - and who I do it with.

So this is me, embracing the fear by sharing Kind Human with all of you……and here it is!

Kind Human

An organisation that brings together my skills and experience (the ‘what’) with real clarity and focus on ‘how it’s done.


It’s a reflection of my deep passion for supporting others but also a reflection of who I want to work with: organisations, and individuals, that want to have a positive impact on the world. I want to work with organisations and individuals that are compassionate, brave and innovative - delivering financial AND social value.

People who work with me would say that I quickly build trusted relationships - because I am empathetic, compassionate and authentic. They would also say I don't shy away from difficult conversations or providing challenge - but that I do this in a constructive and supportive way. I do it with kindness.


My 'technical' expertise is in finance, risk management and governance. This includes accounting, audit, due diligence, regulatory compliance and working with Boards. Alongside these technical skills, I have developed strong leadership and coaching skills as well as experience in developing and implementing people strategies including DE&I, wellbeing and mental health.


Back to the fear. I think some of my fear comes from not wanting to fail. I actually, I know it does - and if I don’t try, I can’t really fail. Now ‘fail’ is an emotive word and I know we are all meant to use it as a ‘learning opportunity’ and reframe things - but I am only human!

Ever hover over the ‘post’ button on LinkedIn or re-write an email several times to get it just right as you are worried about how it will land?! Does that scare you? Scares me too!

But I have decided to try and embrace the fear and listen to the advice I give my 8 year old:

“If you feel scared it’s because you are about to do something brave”.

So I embracing the fear.

And in the words of Yoda - “Do or do not. There is no try”

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Apr 02

I can so identify with the fear of sending stuff out there and thinking of sitting on it instead. Hovering over the publish button indeed. But I can also relate to the sense of bravery in attempting this, like you have told your daughter. That helps me get myself ready for launch. And I find it works best for me to send things into the ether at those times when I am deeply in contact with myself, seeing and sharing my story if it might contribute something in a small way for someone, which I realise it cannot if I keep it to myself. Reading your blog was a good reminder that I have some material to put out …

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